Happy Valentine’s Day
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Happy Valentine’s Day

A couple years ago, I partnered with the awesome JustJenn Recipes to put together an homage to those classic Hostess ads as an exclusive print for San Diego Comic-Con. I did the story, and Jenn created the recipe, which I can attest is absolutely delicious.

This is the only story ever to take place after the birth of Mark and Abby’s son. And it’s the only story ever to break from the eight-panel format that Love and Capes made its own. If you’d like this as a print, let me know. I’ve still got a few available.

Asking a Favor from Mac Users

With the new iOS 9 operating system, Apple has allowed the use of ad blockers on their mobile version of Safari. Ads have become intrusive and complicated, and I can understand why you’d block them. I do on any number of sites. But, your ad blocker will also disable the little sidebar Google ad that I have here, which does generate a little bit of revenue for me.

So, I’d ask that you consider adding loveandcapes.com to your unrestricted sites.

I’m in Aw Yeah Comics #11!

A couple years ago, I was asked to be part of the Aw Yeah Comics Kickstarter. Well, the issue is finally out, and you can read my four page Cell Phone Guy story in it in issue #11!

As soon as I get my copies, I’ll have it for sale at conventions. It’s also available on from the Aw Yeah guys and on Comixology.

How to order my NEW project, Long Distance!

My new romantic comedy comic Long Distance will be in stores soon, and it’s in Previews now. Pre-ordering is essential for the success of books like these, and while I’m sure you can navigate the Diamond system just fine, I’m trying to make it a little easier for everyone.

There are two covers for the book, so two order codes. The one by me is APR150443 and the one by Lora Innes is APR150444.

But I’m not going to stop there. I’ve made a handy printable graphic for you to give your comic shop owner, so that they can place the order for you.

And because I’m still not done, I’ve even made an iPhone sized one that you can just show to your retailer to order it and save a tree!

I’m excited about this new series and I hope you are, too. The first issue comes out in June, but please pre-order it now.

My Brave and the Bold Spec Script

It’s Valentine’s Day, which is usually when I promote the heck out of Love and Capes. (Have you heard of it? Check it out here if you haven’t.)

But today I want to share something different. It’s one of the animation spec scripts I did that helped lead to my upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man episode. I wrote a spec for Brave and the Bold, featuring Batman and Wonder Woman. The show’s off the air, sadly, so I figure I might as well share it here.

My friend Dwayne McDuffie helped me on this. He saw my first one and thought it was all right and spent a couple hours on the phone telling me what was wrong and right, but he challenged me to do “A Thom Zahler” script. He’d felt the one I wrote was generic, and he wanted to see the one that would be the one that only I could write.

And, this episode, Batman is called upon to replace Cupid, the god of love. What could be more perfect for Valentine’s Day?

So I did. Sadly, I never got a chance to show it to him as he passed away before I finished it.Dwayne not only made me a better writer, he made me want to be a better writer. That continues to this day.

So, here’s a PDF of my spec. Check it out if you’d like.

Amazing Arizona Comic Con

This weekend I’ll be attending Amazing Arizona Comic Con for the first time. I’m really looking forward to it! It’ll be my first time in Arizona for anything more than driving through the corner of it or stopping in an airport. I’m looking forward to seeing the actual city for once.

And, new city means a new con print. They’re limited to 25, like all the rest of the set. Hope you like it.

It also kicks off another crazy con season for me. Here we go again!