What Happened to the LNC Website

What Happened to the LNC Website

So here’s what happened: According to my (now former) web host, the Love and Capes site wasting a substantial load on their servers. So they timed out the pages, causing the first outage at the end of January. I erroneously thought this was based on traffic rather than server capacity and intended to fix it in February when the counter reset.

But it wasn’t that. The site was taxing the computers hosting it. In came Frumph, who was exceedingly and remarkably kind. Several of you contacted him about fixing my site, and he did. Last weekend the site was up again, with lots of new functionality and slickness and then…

Boom! Down again.

Near as we can tell, what happened was that Comic Rocket highlighted Love and Capes, driving so many people to the site that we once again exceeded the capacity of the servers again. I contacted Frumph and we realized the site was getting over 10,000 hits a day.

That’s a lot.

So, over the last two days, I’ve moved over to DreamHost, which has a WordPress plan specifically for high-traffic sites like this. The new site is up and running, and all seems well. Hopefully some of you sent by Comic Rocket are going to stay and keep reading.

I’ll be tweaking the site around the edges for a bit. There are new things I can do, like post to the Facebook page and track hits and all that make me want to make it a better experience for all of you. But it looks like the comic itself will be pretty stable for now. Let’s hope so.

Thank you to everyone who inquired about the site, who reached out to Frumph and have loved the comic so much that you’ve torn through the archives.I hope you continue to like what you see!

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  1. It’s awesome that you got so many new readers, because this is a fantastic comic and it deserves that kind of widespread recognition. …It’s not so awesome that it overloaded the servers, but here’s hoping that the new host will work out great.

    Thanks for explaining all the details of what went wrong!

  2. Wow! 10,000 hits! Congratulations! That’s awesome

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