Asking a Favor from Mac Users

Asking a Favor from Mac Users

With the new iOS 9 operating system, Apple has allowed the use of ad blockers on their mobile version of Safari. Ads have become intrusive and complicated, and I can understand why you’d block them. I do on any number of sites. But, your ad blocker will also disable the little sidebar Google ad that I have here, which does generate a little bit of revenue for me.

So, I’d ask that you consider adding to your unrestricted sites.

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  1. Have you considered a Patreon campaign? I bet a lot of readers who block ads would agree to replace revenue that way.

  2. I’ve disabled adblock for Unfortunately, as right now it appears to be a flash ad, all I get is a blank square saying I need a plugin to see it.

  3. I’ve disabled my blocker for this site. All I ask is please, no autoplay videos with sound.

  4. All I ask is that the site loads the comic before the ads — there’s at least one webcomic I can’t read on my mobile without adblocker because the ads load first and take so long the connection is lost before the actual comic loads.

  5. Fair enough, but it’ll make little difference as my usual browser (Chrome on debian/linux) does not play nice with Flash.

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