And with that, we’ve reached the end of Love and Capes. 

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over two years since I ended the print series, which these web postings have been repurposing for these many years.

As for why it ended: Well, I told the story I wanted to tell. I always wanted to tell the courtship, the engagement and the newlywed year. Originally, I planned it as a trilogy, but I added an extra volume because the pregnancy story needed to be it’s own thing. So, over five years, I created 24 issues of Love and Capes. And it was great.

But, I don’t want to overstay my welcome and just keep doing Love and Capes to keep doing it. It’d have been easy to keep doing it, but I think you’d be able to tell I wasn’t driven by the story.

Will there ever be more: I never say never. If I have a story that moves me, I’ll be glad to return to these characters. I have lots of barely-formed ideas on how to continue the series. If any of them ever take root and congeal into a story I need to tell, I’ll be right back with more comics. But, until then, this is the end.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind you, too, that all four print volumes of the strip are available for purchase.

So what happens to the site: There’s going to be a Valentine’s Day post of one piece of bonus material that has rarely been seen. After that, I’m going to revamp and redesign the site and start over from page one and rerun everything again, this time annotated. I’ll have comments and behind the scenes stuff on every page. I’m also going to re-render all the strips and try to make sure they look good on retina, have some of the corrections that have been pointed out and so on.  And I’m aiming for all this to go live on March 1 if not sooner.

What have you done since Love and Capes: I released a new romantic comedy called Long DistanceThe trade is now in stores and on Amazon, and if you liked Love and Capes, I think you’ll enjoy this, too. I will say that I have no plans to post Long Distance online as I did with LNC. It’s just not built for that.

I’m working on my new creator-owned series, and I also have been writing a number of My Little Pony stories. And I wrote the first “Contest of Champions” episode of the Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors series, too!