Asking a Favor from Mac Users

Asking a Favor from Mac Users

With the new iOS 9 operating system, Apple has allowed the use of ad blockers on their mobile version of Safari. Ads have become intrusive and complicated, and I can understand why you’d block them. I do on any number of sites. But, your ad blocker will also disable the little sidebar Google ad that I have here, which does generate a little bit of revenue for me.

So, I’d ask that you consider adding to your unrestricted sites.

I’m in Aw Yeah Comics #11!

A couple years ago, I was asked to be part of the Aw Yeah Comics Kickstarter. Well, the issue is finally out, and you can read my four page Cell Phone Guy story in it in issue #11!

As soon as I get my copies, I’ll have it for sale at conventions. It’s also available on from the Aw Yeah guys and on Comixology.

Love and Capes Valentine’s Day Contest

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and a young man’s mind turns to thoughts of promoting¬†Love and Capes.¬†Okay, maybe that’s just me.

lnccontestLet’s make this easy: Share this post on Facebook, retweet this post or tweet with the hashtag #lncvalentine and I’ll enter you in a daily drawing to win a handful of issues of the series and a 6×9 sketch of your favorite character drawn by me.

I’ll run this all week, Monday-Friday. Along the way I might clear out the LNC prize closet. I’ve got some shirts and pins and stuff that I might throw in later in the week. And every day I’ll pick a winner from that day’s entries. I’ll end it every day at 11:00pm Eastern time, and any entries after that go on to the next day’s.

Everything clear? Great!

Good luck!