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I'm the guy that which does Love and Capes.


  1. Oh yeah, they’re going to get on well. 😀

  2. Aww, poor Amazonia can’t catch a break.

    Dear Mr. Zahler, sir, now that I have caught up with the archives, you must endeavor to draw faster. Two or three posts per day will suffice; I’m not pushy.

  3. I like how even the outline of Darkblade’s mansion conforms to the bird of prey motif.

  4. I have a kind of stupid newbie question. I’m just getting into comics, and usually buy in trades because I lack storage space and my nearest local comic store is a four hour round trip. What’s been driving me crackers is that sometimes I’ll pick up a trade paperback collection only to find that one issue that contains an important plot-point is left out. I’m planning to pick up some Love & Capes with my next book-buying budget, but I’d love to know if this happens with this title.

  5. @comicschik–

    Your question isn’t stupid at all.

    The Love and Capes trades are complete and in order. The Free Comic Book Day issues (4, 7, 10, 13) were published as part of the run, so they’re included. The trades stack up this way:

    Trade #1
    • Issues 1-6 of the self published run
    Trade #2
    • Issues 7-12 of the self published run
    (There was an issue 11.5 that came out in Baltimore and Mid-Ohio, but that was the first eight pages of issue #12, so while not included per se, nothing is missing.)
    Trade #3
    • Issue 13 of the self-published run, and the complete “Ever After” miniseries, issues 1-5.
    Trade #4
    • (coming in March) The complete “What to Expect” miniseries, issues 1-6, plus the digital-only Valentines Day 6-page short from 2012, which previously was only available online and in the Rhinos Bowling artbook collection.

    Does that help?

  6. That helps immensely, Mr. Zahler, thank you very much!

  7. Yeah, Abby already likes her. A LOT. 😀

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