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  1. Paul and Charlotte: they may not be a couple couple, but they can be frighteningly formidable as a team. We should be grateful they use their powers for niceness instead of evil…

  2. I quite agree, K. I quite agree.

    XD *snickering*

  3. Damn, now I want Charlotte to get a super identity. Thanks a lot, K.

  4. Now why would Charlotte do this

  5. Saeko: it wouldn’t be a secret identity if we knew about it, would it? ;)-

  6. Aaaaannnd I read Saeko’s comment too quickly. Still; how do we know all this isn’t Charlotte’s superpower? Besides, I think Zoe would go ballistic by her standards if Char also started wearing skimpy tights.

  7. Forgot to add: “…and a cape and mask.” Heaven forbid Charlotte thinking I wanted to limit her fashion choices…

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