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  1. I had to go to Google Translate, but well played.

    And it looks like Mrs. O’Lonergan and Mark’s mom would get along great.

  2. I tried Google translate, but it couldn’t detect the language. Please share the translation?

  3. NOTDilbert, if you manually set the language to Irish, the translation comes up as “Blades of the Night”. The only reason I knew to do that is because in the trivia page (linked from the homepage), Thom said that it is Irish/Gaelic for Darkblade. Since her name is O’Lonergan, it makes clever sense.

  4. Thanks Paul! I had the same problem as NOTDilbert, so I appreciate the response!

  5. Goggle Translate kept thinking it detected Italian o. 0

  6. so that means Darkblade isn’t batman, he’s the phantom

  7. Just to be clear, Paul explains his title when picking up Charlotte for their first date waaaay back in the archives.

  8. Abby liking her a little less, now. ^^

  9. Hey, if Abby says she’s a two, ya don’t mess with her. 😀

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