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  1. I vote Charlotte for Darkblade’s Intern!

    She can be uh… Scabbard! DarkBlade and Scabbard! Sheath? Shield! No wait, that last one sounds like her being a decoy…

  2. I love the idea of Charlotte, HWalsh! Lightbeam, though. Kind of an anti-Darkblade. (Being that she’s not dark and broody and, well, a woman.) Then you can have Zoe make fun of the name with Abby. 🙂 Win, win!

  3. Also, Thom, thanks for the blast of L&C. I’ve been missing you this past week. Glad you’re back.

  4. Nice i like the idea of Charlotte. (but think its at the end a mistake)

    ps Do not forget to watch the two strips which are also placed.

  5. Something’s happened where my scheduled updates aren’t posting, which I didn’t realize over the holiday. I’m trying to figure out what’s up with that. Until then, I may have to do by hand, so updates may be a little erratic.

  6. Is that what happened?
    I just thought you took the Holidays off like the majority of webcomics out there
    Either way, Happy New Year and welcome back!

  7. I like the use of “intern” rather than “sidekick”.

  8. Shield may sound like she’s being a decoy but the implications of a woman being “Scabbard” to a male “Darkblade” are downright crude.

  9. @HWalsh,

    If they don’t call Darkblade’s intern Scabbard, they can call his lair that. Like Green Arrow changed the name of the Arrow Cave to Quiver.

  10. Paul’s doing an old Red Buttons routine Red used at Friars’ Club (and Dean Martin Show) roasts, substituting “intern” with “dinner.”

    Mark might have to start thinking about his own intern; y’never know when his version of Supergirl or (the modern) Superboy might show up. Not to mention at least one of the superpets… 😉

  11. Why should Charlotte be Paul’s “Robin?” I see her more as Huntress (the Bertinelli version, albeit killing with words rather than teeny arrows…). Why the Bertinelli version? Because the other version was Batman’s DAUGHTER, and the other other one ran around in tiger skins…

    (Hm…they did it during the Weisinger era: perhaps Zoe could invent a new superheroic ID for herself to teach someone (i.e. Paul) a lesson…?)

  12. –And yes, I know, it should have read “substituting ‘dinner’ with ‘intern.'” It’s been one of those days…

  13. He should take Windstars niece as intern.

  14. he should just find (lure) a homless kid, makes monks (old men) do what they did to him, and
    BOOM, a intern.

  15. Before Darkblade would take Charlotte as sidekick – which would involve long hours together at night and a lot of intense physical training between them – we need to first ask, does Zoe know that Charlotte propositioned him too at Mark’s and Abby’s wedding? If so, Zoe will immediately veto that notion.

  16. and probably veto charlotte as well, with an axe

  17. But imagine if Charlotte suddenly developed superpowers so that she and Zoe could have a proper catfight. I have little doubt Paul would have a video camera…(what, you’re discovering I’m a dirty old man NOW???)

  18. Oh, and guys? Installments #891 through 894 only have comments from moi right now. You don’t want THAT on your consciences, do you? 😉

  19. Um…I can’t see the comic at all. I don’t mind new site layouts, but there is a problem when the new layout won’t let you even see the comic.

  20. @Paul Yes, she knows.

  21. “Lightblade” sounds too much like a nemesis for Darkblade, because it’s so opposite. I think Darkblade’s intern should have a name that sounds sort of like “Darkblade” but not quite as dark. Hmm… how about “Dimblade”? 😉

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