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  1. awww!

  2. Panel 3, did you mean to write “rotated OFF” ..?

    I’ve re-read the archives at least twice by this point…. I only do that with my favorite comics. 😉 Thank you for providing an entertaining and cohesive read!

  3. Hey, Thom, typo in the 3rd panel. “Off” is spelled wrong.

  4. Friends and family…better yet, friends and family who actually love you, and go out of their way for you. Very rare. Very precious.

    Saeko: thank you; ordinarily I’M the anal-retentive spellchecker. Really. It can be scary.

  5. K: You should see me with all the free books I’ve been getting for my Kindle. I’ve been tempted to hunt down the editors. No wonder they’re free, nobody spell checked!

    Ahem, what I mean to say is yeah, I’m a bit anal when it comes to this stuff, too. XD

  6. My fav bugbears are :

    there, they’re, their

    Hate it when its wrong

    But also….don’t get me started on American spelling of our words….colour!!!!!! OU not just O

  7. Just wait until someone starts spelling it “culler.” No jury on the planet would convict me…

  8. Spelling what culler? I’m lost.

    And no offense, Abbadon, but I was brought up spelling color just like that. I’m not going to change my ways after all this time because it’s spelled differently in another country.

    That said, I’m never going to bug you if you spell it colour.

  9. Saeko: spelling “colour” as “culler”. Or “kuller”. Or they could start going all Klingon and spell it “K’lur”.

    Like I said, no jury on the planet would convict me.

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