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  1. Don’t worry, if you die you’ll be back when they reboot the comic in a few months or years. No one stays dead for long in comics. Just as Superman, Batman or Wolverine in a few years.

    Love the new look of the site. Does anyone look at Darkblade’s suit and think “vampire”? And what with the ” V” insignia?

  2. in re Darkblade’s ‘V’

    — I assumed it was an artifact of the evolving costume… not sure of the specifics of his back story, but the last 3 ‘episodes’ alone tell us DarkBlade is a Legacy mantel which I’d imagine has 100+ years behind it; adding a dash of ‘The Phantom’ to his otherwise Batman-ish character…

    if/when I visualize a Victorian Era Darkblade I could see something of a Cape attachment/anchor running from the Shoulder down/across to the tunic forming the V, so as not to have something ‘choke-able’ mounted to his neck (reason why Cops were Clip-on ties)… as the clothing technology advanced, the functional gold sashes evolved into a V emblazoned on the Tunic, and now spandex

    Or he just wants a Giant gold arrow to make Villains subconsciously look at his codpiece and giving then an inferiority complex

  3. Paul and Mark both need costume reduxes to further differentiate them from Batman and Superman. But Tom, don’t you DARE go “New 52” on them…especially Crusader (I’m still bitching about the current Superman by paraphrasing Captain Kirk in Star Trek V: “what does Superman need with body armour?”)

    As for Paul’s worries about retirement…there’s a book titled “Becoming Batman” that details what would go into making a guy into, well, Batman…as well as how his active career would have a lifespan of about five years. Of course, if Paul were to go back to his “Bat-Iron Man” look…;)

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