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  1. I guarantee, in about a year or so, some pregnant mother is going to wander into her shop, she will start into her story, then smack herself in the face when she realizes she has become one of “them”.

  2. If you think they’re doing it wrong, and you’re the newbie, chances are, they’re doing it right. Welcome to the club, indeed.

    Soon, you’ll find out that the “I nearly died in childbirth” stories are downright COMFORTING compared to the “my CHILD nearly died when he/she did something stupid (and very normal for childhood)”. THAT is what those stories are for – to prepare you for much, MUCH worse.

  3. Last year I went to dinner with an old friend whose sons are now in their 20’s. While we were eating she started telling my first time heavily pregnant (a couple of weeks until her due date) wife how bad both her deliveries had been. Three polite attempts to make her be quiet and the sight of my wife becoming visibly distressed did not stop her. In the end I told her to her face to “Shut the *$&£ up” and as I do not usually swear that finally did the trick. She still doesn’t understand why I was so angry with her.
    Luckily my wife had a relatively good labour a week after her due date – less than 3 hours to deliver our 8lb 10oz son. Now my wife feels she can’t tell other mothers with young kids about her delivery because it wasn’t a horror story compared to theirs and she feels guilty about having it so easy.
    Long before I met my wife I was unhappy about how childbirth is always dipicted on TV, particularly in soaps and dramas. The actresses always scream blue murder, bleed like stuck pigs and something always seems to go wrong, either with the mother or the child. I know soaps and dramas need dramatic storylines, but I’d like to see ‘good’ childbirth plotlines more often.
    Sorry – rant over.
    Loving this plotline, which is particularly meaningful to us with our now 5 month old son.

  4. Then again, given the “special treatment” she’s getting from Doctors Karma, Abby could share stories with those other mothers that would be the equivalent of a very public giving of the bird.

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