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  1. Awww. This was sweet. Comics with a soul. That is what keeps me coming back.

  2. “END” of this story arc, or “END” of the entire story? (just the arc, I hope)

  3. D’awww…and yes, I agree. It keeps bringing me back.

    Heck, this comic has everything: humor, action/adventure, superheroes, realistic people, romance, best buds, fascinating personalities…

  4. yeah…. this makes me think something horrible will happen soon. in comics you dont say things like that, its like deaths ringtone.

  5. Likewise, as Ladyofthemasque said, those are the reasons I keep reading. Thank you, Thomas, for such a wonderful comic.

  6. They’re hope for the rest of us. And isn’t it nice that Amazonia actually cares about Mark and Abby’s relationship?

  7. Just the end of the story arc, rae.

    I do wonder WHO cooked, though? I can’t imagine either Charlotte or Paul doing it. They must have brought food in. That’s must be what Abby smelled when she walked in the door.

    And, awwwwwwww. Very sweet.

  8. Addendum to my comment of Jan. 10: wouldn’t it be interesting if it were Zoe who cooked it? Just ’cause you’re an extradimensional warrior princess doesn’t mean you can’t have an understanding of the culinary arts.

    As I’ve said before, it is going to be very interesting when Zoe and Abby truly realize they’re friends…

  9. Actually, I imagine it was Paul. We know he was tapped to break into the apartment, and way back in issue #3, on his one and only date with Charlotte, he at first offered to take her back to the mansion and cook dinner. http://loveandcapes.com/lnc/?p=139

  10. That’s very sweet. It’s why I keep coming back too.

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