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  1. That’s not very wise, Abby.

    Know thy enemy.

  2. Such a waste… all this misplaced anger appears to stem from some insecurity. As far as I can tell, Amazonia has done nothing to deserve this. Maybe if Amazonia were actually rude or otherwise behaved inappropriately I could relate more to Abby’s feelings and behavior.

  3. @Anthony As I woman I can say that some of what Amazonia does say to Abby can be a bit biting. You can sort of see it in her looks. In this form of entertainment you can’t hear it in her tone of voice but if we could I’m pretty sure if we could hear what Amazonia and Mark’s mother say you would relate more to Abby.

  4. Anthony: As a world class snarker, trust me, Amazonia has weapon grade snark, and it’s stealthed, too. That woman is freaking *savage*.

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