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  2. Hmmm… waking up in the wrong place in the wrong weather on the day of the wedding? Can you say “Nightmare brought on by pre-wedding jitters?

    Of course, the superhero slant to the story means there is the outside chance of space/time continuum shift, etc, but my money is on Nightmare.

  3. Let the mind screw begin! ^^

  4. Alternate universe hijinks! aka what if they weren’t going to be married, maybe?

  5. Something tells me someone thought it would be funny to send her to a point before the story started.

  6. As a girl who’s also currently planning her own wedding and finally getting married, I find this is cruel. 😛

  7. This is getting interesting!!

  8. Doc Karma. Spell.

  9. I think I had the same idea as Ben. …That would be a downer.

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