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  1. Hmm, I’m going to make a prediction that this story arc will end with Paul buying the building, and Abby and Mark will run it as a business and live there after installing some special features…

  2. Hah! The evil Landlord has a master plan! Or is that normal for Landlords?

  3. Dun DUN DUN!!!!

  4. So maybe this question has been answered before, but with everyone in their ‘civilian’ clothes, why does Amazonia still wear her headpiece?

  5. Amazonia’s headpiece is her crown, and as princess of Leandia she always wears it

  6. Ok, That makes sense.

  7. That, and Amazonia doesn’t have a secret identity, so she wears whatever she feels like.

  8. Erm, could Paul be the owner of said building? (Via 5 corners and enterprise ownership and whatnot…)

  9. Maybe one of Paul’s golf buddies owns it, and he just hasn’t found out yet.

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