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I'm the guy that which does Love and Capes.


  1. wait wait wait, I know this… um…
    Alternate reality? *gasp*

  2. I money is on a temporal displacement

  3. Evil Dream Weaver at work!

  4. Did she travel back in time?

  5. It seems like “temporal displacement”. Was Zoe getting desperate, or…?

  6. (I’m just wondering, uh, who would benefit from this…? The other superhero who used to be his ex? I dunno.)

  7. I think you may be a bigger Castle fan than me.

  8. It’s a “Wonderful Life” parody! All the cool webcomics have them! (I’m not a fan tho)

  9. Elvis (bear) is IN the building! 😀

  10. @TwoCents you mean
    Elvis (bear) IN the house!!!

  11. Or in this case
    Elvis Bear IN the Apartment!

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