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  1. Hair?

  2. Perhaps more to the point… -grey- hair?

    Just because someones ahem… invulnerable, or whatever, doesn’t mean they can’t still get old.


  3. And when you have Supervision you might even notice (literally) every single grey hair.

  4. We call it a “mirror.”

  5. What’s this? What’s this?
    No color anywhere.
    What’s this?
    There’s white things in my hair.
    What’s this?
    I can’t believe my eyes
    I must be dreaming
    Wake up, Mark, this isn’t fair!
    What’s this?

  6. Maybe the super perception failed a check

    “I have a cowlick?

  7. I don’t think anyone here gets it yet: that’s Mark’s “Crusader” hair. He never wears it like that in his secret identity. People might recognize him if it won’t lay down.

  8. My vote goes with Elihion. I think he found a grey hair.

  9. Grey sounds about right, but we don’t know if he has the equivalent of microscopic vision…maybe he’s found a bald spot.

    Syncline: I remember when I had a cowlick. I remember when I was ABLE to have a cowlick…*sob* ;)-

  10. I have to be careful with the sarcasm.
    It’s a superpower, but one so weak that people miss it.

  11. Syncline: I get sarcasm. I was merely bemoaning the fact that I have the I possess the unappreciated physical aspect of true manliness (plus a farirly impressive amount of hairiness on the chest, not that I’m bragging…XD

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