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  1. OK, one grey hair and suddenly you’re a geezer? I started LOSING MY hair at freakin’ SEVENTEEN!!!


  2. um…he’s supposed to be invulnerable-so how did he manage to pull the hair out? he needs to use some sort of “atomic razor” to shave with…(if i remember right)

  3. So, his strength is great enough to overcome the invulnerability of a single hair follicle. What I want to know is… what made it grey when he’s invulnerable?
    Hair becomes grey by damage to the follicle, which is then not repaired: stress altering the chemical balance, direct chemical damage, or solar or cosmic radiation. Well, genetics also can cause you heir to go grey early, but that’s just a predisposition to failure in follicle cell repair.

  4. @Rick: Is it possible for a Superhero in a Story to get Grey Hairs without needing an Origin Story for the Damage to the Folicle?

  5. “Origin Story for the Damage to the Folicle” …*rotflmao!*

    Mark is still *human*, people! Invulnerable does not mean immortal…and he’s not 100% invulnerable; he still needs to eat and excrete, he goes through metabolic processes, which means his body does change over time.

    As for some external force, this is a guy who faces gamma radiation blasts and sunbathes at a distance of less than 20 light-seconds from the Sun. I think he’s being exposed to damaging forces all the time. Not much may get through, but some will.

  6. I see it coming: Supermidlifecrisis 😉

  7. Well! This answers a question I asked some time ago; I guess he *does* age normally.
    Also answers the unasked question: can a superhero be strong enough to damage himself?
    It’s kinda ironic, though… he can take a nuke to the face, but pluck a hair and he says “Ouch”.

  8. Haaahahahah, I did the same thing about a month ago with my first gray hair!

  9. MC: trust me, it won’t be your last.

    Doesn’t anybody remember the Earth-2 Superman (the pre-Crisis v.)? HE had “Reed Richards hair” (there’s a charming early-Silver Age Imaginary story titled, I believe. “The Three Generations of Superman” that depicted Supes as a white-haired, bearded grandpa). As for the “ouch” when he pulled the hair…it ain’t exactly painless when non-superpowered people pluck out hairs that ain’t ready to be plucked! (Dang. ANYTHING can be made to sound dirty)

  10. Even super heroes grow old one day. :3

  11. Silver C.: yes, they do. And then the publishers throw them into ultimate universes and new 52s…

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