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  1. Owning a building and renting apartments will make their taxes a lot more complicated. Fortunately, Mark can do that work for free. To quote BloodPlum’s reply on the Nov 12 comic: This is a job for an ACCOUNTANT!

  2. This webcomic is becoming addictive. I think you have done well in making it one about PEOPLE who happen to live in a world where there are people with superpowers but still have problems we can identify with as well as the inevitable twists on those brought about by the superpowers.

  3. Fugacity, that’s why I read this. It’s a great story with a lot to appeal to it. Superhero appeal, romance appeal, struggles-with-everyday-problems appeal, complicated-relationships appeal… It’s a regular lovely bunch of bananas, there’s so many appeals! *ducks from the Pun-ishment Squad’s retaliation*

  4. Ah. Bananas. Yes, we have none to-day. (I’ll have to visit the grocer. That and some tea might help.)

  5. Does Zoe’s helpfulness and friendliness know no bounds? She must be my favorite character in this series.

  6. the ‘helpfulness and friendliness’ only started with the bridal dress offer, Anthony :I

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