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  1. So she doesn’t want her husband to see her naked?? Sounds like potential trouble for that marriage.

  2. No, Frederick, she doesn’t want him to ‘see’ her ‘naked’ when she’s dressed. I think it’s a girl thing.

  3. I believe the problem lies with “… *all* the passengers on Crusader Air” since Abby knows he flies other people, including her sister, and not just herself. We know he was referring just to Abby, though. 😉

    Also, is that ‘beep!’ with pushing his belt buckle to open the window?

  4. …Well, it certainly APPEARS to control the skylight. Handy!

  5. He had installed a garage door opener for it.

  6. Oh, come now. Mark merely made the mistake of cluing Abby in on his standard policy (y’know, in case some supervillain slipped something into her…purse, yeah, that’s the ticket).

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