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  1. .. wait, what?

  2. Dunno.

    “Mean Girls” was a 2004 movie starring Lindsey Lohan, but I just read through the entire cast list on IMDB and there’s nobody named Sheri or anything that might be shortened that way, so I’m guessing it isn’t actually a reference.

    Yay for too much time on my hands?

  3. I believe he’s saying that with her reputation she could have been in the film “Mean Girls”. Either that or Lindsey is just her cover persona… (That would explain a lot).

  4. @Vergie… are you implying all that rehab, and showing up Drunk/high is just LL doing the ‘Rich idiot with no day job’ secret ID thing?

  5. I thinkthis behavior earned her the trip to the monks like it did with Darkblade

  6. My money’s on her, because she will remind him of himself.

  7. Tim and Gordon, is there a Sheri in Batman? She does look a little like Barbara Gordon and Carrie Kelley.

  8. its going to be her because she is the only one without a batman name. its a little on the nose but it works.

  9. Given some of the roles Lindsay’s taken recently, Shari might be better suited as a “bat-villainess-y” character. 😉

    The Order of the Darkblade…just to “Wold Newton” things up, did it have a breakaway faction in Scotland dedicated to Kung Fu and creating royal werewolves?

    And to go offtopic for a mo, have you, looking back, ever come up with less parody-y “hero names” for your, ah, archetypal supercharacters, Mistah Z?

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