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  1. That’s amazingly depressingly accurate for how people scale their siblings. The drop outs are never expected to go back and finish.

  2. With respect to all those who do go the University/Degree route in life… I’ve never had a piece of paper that says I can do… anything, really. Never stopped me working lo these 40-sum years.

    Guess I’m just the Tin-Man from Oz… waiting for someone to give me a scroll so I can think. -Not-.

    Or as it was once explained to me: ‘He can calculate the volume of a pickle jar… but don’t ask him to get the lid off for you…’


  3. *pssst, the brains went to the Scarecrow; the Tin Man got the heart; dunno what organ the Lion got for courage, but the Feds are closing in on the organ theft ring as we speak…*

  4. Tsk. That’s awful. They should both be out a grand at least. Shame on them, especially Abby. We *expect* Quincy to be a jerk.

  5. …Never underestimate your siblings(I’m one of the ones who kinda deserves the estimation he got). Or your Mom’s ability to win a bet.

    Now let’s see if Char can get a job with that fancy-schmancy diploma…

    Ladyofthemasque: Funny, but WHA…?

  6. So sad. And after being such a great sister to Abby and planning that romantic date night, too. Shame, Abby. We expect that kind of behavior from Quincy but YOU?! I think someone deserves to walk back home for that.

  7. This strip really did make me LOL.

  8. So does Charlotte get to rub it into their faces that she graduated?

  9. @ Vergie,
    In fairness to both Abby and Quincy, “How’d he get away with only 50 dollars? I’m out a hundred!” makes it sound as though these bets were forced transitions rather than anything either of them would have done on their own. @_@

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