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  1. Well, this is going to get awkward fast

  2. Nah. This is Doc Karma we’re dealing with. I’m sure he deals with travel between alternate time streams all the time. If she has to have this conversation with Amazonia, though? Then thongs will get awkward.

  3. Thongs are usually awkward.
    Sorry, PrisonerZero, I couldn’t resist.

  4. No, I can’t blame you. I noticed it as soon as I posted it. Total face palm moment…

  5. Cough cough Excuse me, Ms. Tennyson, but it’s Dr. Carmody. I’m afraid you have me confused with somebody else.” (Of course, this would be the standard disclaimer, even if he was “Dr. Karma” in real life. Hmmm, I wonder….)

  6. *facepalm* So, this will be the first time he tries to read Abby, isn’t it? The one that got mentioned WAY back when Abby wanted to get super powers from him?
    From that point of view it was in her past, and that’s where she is now. It’s all coming together.

  7. Weebly-wobbly anyone?

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