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  1. Dart: what if she’s the “character find of 2015”?

    Chill Babe: If her last name is “Blaine,” then wouldn’t it be appropriate to dub her “Chillblaine”?

  2. Tell that to to a certain Boy Wonder known as Robin.

  3. First she’s a recurring character THEN she’s a regular.

  4. Is she an Elfquest fan? 🙂

  5. Well, Yngvar, she does have the hair that won’t stay out of her eyes. But we’ll have to see what her choice of weapon is before we can determine that. 😀

  6. Proud Daughter of Eve: if Dart’s the LNC version of LiLo, we know what weapons we won’t be allowed to see…

    Hey, I keep telling you people: stop feeding me straight lines! 😉 <And yes, I know I'll be paying for this entry…

  7. Also, “sidekicks don’t get billing?” Someone needs to recheck those ’50’s and ’60s World’s Finest splash pages…

  8. I agree

  9. So resistant to calling them sidekicks until they want billing, then it’s ‘hey you don’t get to share in this you’re a sidekick’. At least they don’t suffer from the Sidekick Glass Ceiling.

  10. @ K. Alan McDougall,
    Very true. I won’t swear to it but I think both Robin and Jimmy Olsen were getting billing there even into the early 1970s. @_@

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