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  1. Nice detail.. Panel 1, Quincy has his eye on the tottie walking past, everyone else is focused on Char…


  2. Between this strip and the previous one, Mark is learning about the kinds of interactions that can happen in families with more than one child, even very loving families. It’s all done with affection of course, in a “nobody hits my brother except me” sort of way.

    Also, I wonder if the Paul LaCroix is here for the graduation of the first recipient of the annual “LaCroix Foundation Scholarship for the Arts”. (I had to go way back in the archives to look up the name.) Back when she received the scholarship as a Christmas present, she said that she hadn’t found a way to explain to her parents that she knows him. This, along with his presence at Abby’s wedding, would give them a public excuse to know each other.

  3. Elihion: you meant “ew”, didn’t you?

    Being the youngest (and only son) in my family, I can identify with Charlotte somewhat, although the “guilt trips” I went through “for my own good” generally turned into disasters. Still…graduation! French catering afterward! Job! Plus a paying job! Actually kind of a win-win for Char, when you think about it.

  4. Gotta agree with Elihion — that’s a nice detail to throw in there about Quincy.

    I’m not exactly sure what mcdougall’s “Ew” is about, though.

  5. Ew because Quincy was eyeing the prize while everyone else was focused on Charlotte. Keep it in your pants, man, this is HER day!!!

    Also ew because I have no idea what the Eli notation was about (unless it was about Elihion…aw, nuts)

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