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  1. The ideal library for a bibliophile millionaire. Wonder what’s in that secret room or passage.

  2. And the question is: Is there something about Tammerlane that makes it perfect for this use?

    Also, typo in her last speech bubble: “You didn’t you”.. perhaps you meant, “Why didn’t you..”?

  3. “Put … the candle … back!”

  4. Naturally she just happens to pick out the book that opens a secret passage, go figure.

  5. Aww, darn it Spencer, you ninja’d me by – uh – ten hours. Or so.

  6. And Abby’s just discovered the darkblade cave, huh?

  7. Charlie nailed it. That was my first thought.

  8. Tamerlane.
    99.99% of the population will never tough that book.
    Unlikely that 10,000 people will ever go there.
    It seemed like good odds to Dark at the time.

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