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  1. Ha!

    Also, glad to have your server back, or whatever the problem was…

  2. I’m with AlpineBob re: the server problem.

    Yeah, if you’re gonna have a sidekick who’s taller than you, you wouldn’t want a Robin or a Nightwing; you would want a Bane…

    (Speaking of boy wonders…in the two Batman serials, it looks as if Robin was not a child, but a short, youthful-looking adult whose size and choice of costume would lead the bad guys to constantly underestimate him. Remember the original Time Drake Robin miniseries? They took great care to show that he was properly armoured…the bright colours guaranteeing a villain’s gun would aim towards said armour…unless the villain was a certain lawyer from “Rustler’s Rhapsody.”)

  3. If every Darkblade only chooses a smaller sidekicks/future darkblades and only takes full grown ones,Dark Blade will be very short after a some generations.

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