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  1. Okay, so it wasn’t temporal displacement or reality shifting. She somehow as a natural resistance, and some total immunities, to the effects of super beings. Which probably explains why Doc Karma can’t read her mind and why she wasn’t under the effect of the timeline being altered.

  2. ah,i was right, a time-traveling villain changed things and only Abby noticed.

  3. Nice subtle costume changes. Can we assume Darkblade left the League as a result of Mark’s death?

  4. Congratulations on picking that up! I figure that it’s not because of Mark’s death, but without Mark’s more optimistic presence, Darkblade eventually got darker and bleaker until he wasn’t a team player anymore. You’ll notice Amazonia’s uniform is a little more modest, because in a world without Mark, she steps up and takes his place.

  5. This is very well done, and I am jittery over the idea that we might see the Evil Brain.

  6. I’m wondering if some of the power that abby had when she used that potion to be a superhero for awhile isn’t maybe hanging around helping her be immune to this.

  7. This is what i get for missing my webcomics. I love the plot twists.

  8. Okay, see, My money was on it all being just a dream.

  9. Heh, I really like the beard and Amazonia’s different hair do. Suits them both really well.

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