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  1. Nice to see Darkblade finally settling into the whole “intern” thing…

  2. As long as the intern doesn’t get too uppity…

    Anyway, which is it – sidekick or partner?
    Sidekicks may not get billing, but partners do.

  3. Dart’s doing well. She’s not too tall and hasn’t got the wrong coffee yet.

  4. Just finished catching-up, having made my way back here from a “LNC”-hiatus…
    …I’m just thinking, since the Author is a PERSON not a THING, that it should be “WHO”, & not “THAT WHICH”…?

  5. I like Dart too (which of course means she’ll be passed over for the permanent job); one reason Zoe may “persuade” Paul not to take her on is the she finally got around to watching the Earth-LNC LiLo’s movies…not just “Mean Girls,” but “The Canyons”…

    BTW, what did you think of DC’s “Multiversity Guidebook”? Disappointed or relieved that the pastiche-Earths didn’t include a version of Earth-LNC?

  6. “Zoe may “persuade” Paul not to take her on is THAT she…” –Sorry ’bout that.

  7. “Silverfish”.

    Least. Intimidating. Villian. Name. EVER.

  8. Especially given he appears to be an aquatic villain (Mermantis? Appearance? Ever?) instead of someone fixated on fancy-named cockroaches (word to entomologists: I KNOW I’M PROBABLY WRONG). Does his cohort have a name yet?

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