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  1. Whoa… Things sure took a 360 all of a sudden…

  2. 360? That brings you right back to the starting point. Did you mean 180?

  3. Have we met Windstar?

  4. At the risk of sounding callous, who was Windstar again? *goes into archive dive*

  5. He was the flying guy in blue who is also a real estate agent.

  6. Windstar was the Ohio hero that helped Mark and Abby set up their building purchase.
    Tall. Wind powers. Nice man, good with kids.

    Anyways, this took a dark turn all of a sudden. He’ll be missed 🙁

  7. Until he comes back as DarkStorm and blows Houston from the map

  8. While there is always the chance that he’ll come back, (This is a comic, after all) he hasn’t really been a central character thus far. Chances are slim.

    Looking forward to finding out what happened, and what’s to be done about it (if anything).

  9. For some reason, when I noticed a funereal cover to the actual comic, I thought it was Mermantis.

    While I hope Windstar’s death is the temporary(ish) kind that can only happen in comic books, it would be,,,I don’t want to say interesting, but a nod to reality if he were left to rest in peace.

    Thinking back, it couldn’t be Mermantis. Too silly a name to die (I always liked Elongated Man better than Plastic Man…heck, B’Wana Beast is a more serious name).

  10. The question is – what killed him? He looks pretty young in the like, so its unlikely to be “passed away quietly.”
    I suspect evil. Always suspect evil. If you could trust it, it would hardly be evil, would it?

  11. Oh, no! I wasn’t expecting that. /Hugs for characters/ I liked Windstar. 🙁

  12. Hi, I just found your site and thanks.
    I was wondering are you continuing the Love and Capes story from the last Hardcopy Comic and are you able to sell the old stuff?

  13. It would be ironic if Windstar died from something completely mundane, like a ruptured aneurysm or coronary embolism.

  14. I’m taking a break right now to concentrate on other projects. I’ll come back to Love and Capes if and when the story and the time is right. I’m also trying to keep from burning out.
    The last hard copy comic was “Love and Capes: What to Expect” #6, published last year. It’s six issues (plus the balance of this story, which was “Love and Capes: Ever After” #5). At the rate these appear, that gives me content until sometime in 2016.

    All the print stuff, as well as other cool stuff, is available in the Love and Capes store.

  15. TZ: I’m sure further LNC will occur, as you say, when the time and story is right. For storylines involving Mark and Abby’s baby, there are any number of silver age “imaginary stories” just waiting/deserving to be pastiched/parodied. As for the other characters: Paul and Zoe adopting, or Zoe’s family moving in after a revolution in Leandia? I could comment on a certain “intimacy problem” for Blurstreak…but it’d just be mean.

  16. It is so wrong that Mark’s words reminded me of Star Trekkin: “It’s worse than that. He’s dead, Jim, dead.”?

  17. Some say the stars are angels
    Who once o’er the Earth did fly;
    Perhaps the star once in the wind
    Now rests beyond the sky.

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