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  1. Oh only a little Amazonia

    She is veeeeerry perceptive XD
    im guessing shes a bit more rational in this timeline

  3. But they get along better since the drinking incident.

  4. @Ozimul

    I think they got along better DURING the drinking incident, but not sure if that’s the case after.

  5. She knows herself better than… herself?

  6. LOVE amazonia’s costume in this alternate timeline

  7. is it just me or did this page change? this is my third time reading the archieves, and i could have sworn that instead of the B-word it used to say “wow, I must take cattyness to the level of superpower”.
    (not writing the word because my neice who is learning to read is taking an interest in what i am typing)

  8. The page didn’t change. The “cattiness” comment is in panel two of the next strip.

  9. Oh, look, another page of Amazonia saying she’d be ‘a real bitch’ to Abby, and yet, NO SIGN OF Anthony in the comments! 😛

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