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  1. Well that’s a sobering point to find one’s self caught up on. It always seems like the cheerful and fun heroes die right as you’re getting to know them. He’ll be remembered by many and live on in their hearts.

    So flight powers do work the same way Sydney’s do in Grrl Power. A bit of shielding thrown in alongside the field would explain why the passengers aren’t ripped to shreds too.

  2. It must be hard to kill off and give up a character you created and thought about for years.

  3. S’funny… instantly reminded me of the words of a song called ‘Big John’, though I’ve forgotten
    who sang it… Jimmy Dean perhaps?


  4. Elihion, you’re right. It was Jimmy Dean, although I think Johnny Cash did a version later. “Big John” is a great song.

    Windstar was a true hero. And I agree with what Syncline said. It must be hard for an author to give up a character that they’ve created, a part of their own imagination and creativity.

  5. “It’s not the powers, it’s what they do with them” –Windstar is a good example of superheroes who are genuine Heroes even if they didn’t have the powers.

  6. Rather than the song I thought of the Damon Runyon story “Earthquake”.

  7. Awww, I’m super sad now…

  8. That hospital totally was the Cleveland Clinic, wasn’t it?

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