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  1. I take it Amazonia is on “Valerie duty”… (“I’m NOT a witch, I’m your ex-girlfriend!”)

  2. Oh dear god. And instead of shouting “Humperdink! Humperdink! Humperdink! Humperdink!” she chases him shouting, “IRS! IRS! IRS! IRS!”

  3. Please let them have a bellows cramp!

  4. You know…, the mood whiplash is the perfect touch of realism. I love “Miracle Max” duty thing. I lol-ed.

  5. TZ: You can only blame yourself for referencing “The Princess Bride.” You thought we WOULDN”T start playing with quotes???

  6. Ah, yeah, got to make sure it is not actually a well-crafted mannequin or his evil twin or something. It would be very awkward to be having a memorial service for him and then he shows up and goes, “…Guys, I’m NOT DEAD.”

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