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  1. I like this version of Amazonia.
    Can we trade her for the one in the “correct” verse?

  2. Technically, they’re the same Amazonia. This one just hasn’t had the opportunity to be jealous! But if you take her back to where Mark’s alive, but she can’t have him because he’s with Abby…? Probably right back to square one. 😉

  3. Now I’m wondering just what Abbie’s super power is. Not everyone can wake up in an alternate timeline. Is she really as mundane as we’ve been lead to believe?

  4. Yoshi: I doubt it. Waking up in an alternate timeline is one thing… waking up remembering the correct one and not the alternate one implies her mind is shielded from temporal events. It also seems shielded from Doc Karma’s mind reading. Evidence is starting to mount that our little heroine is not mundane… at least her mind isn’t.

    On another topic: Nice to finally meet the real Amazonia. That is, an Amazonia not consumed by jealousy. Implies that if she ever manages to get over her jealousy in the real timeline, she and our heroine might have a shot at being real friends.

  5. Wow. I could really get used to Amazonia being that nice (towards Abby).

  6. “I’m important? So how I feel when I’m drunk is true?”

    (Thanks Futurama!)

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