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I'm the guy that which does Love and Capes.


  1. Proof that she and Mark are meant for each other. She saw through the bad guys B.S.

  2. Yes! Go Abby!!

  3. Gee Magic Eight Ball what’s gonna happen next?
    Signs point to injury

  4. In “Love and Capes,” “love hurts” is about to become a very literal truth.

  5. “Love hurts” whom?

  6. YES! She could tell!

  7. I’m glad that this ruse didn’t last long.

  8. And now we’ll be eager to know the fine print that made her aware…

  9. WHOOT! She knew AND he seems to be ‘incoming’! What a treat!

  10. Ooh, does someone look a lil worried in that last panel? Too bad.

  11. Wait, wasn’t that planet they were on something like 65 lightyears away? Can the crusader go faster than light?

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