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  1. disagree.

  2. I would say, don’t hate it to the point where you can’t agree to disagree. xD Now, if it were me, I’d be loving the basketball game. Just don’t ask me to go see a football game if it’s from America.

  3. So strongly agree with a comic. 🙂 ?

  4. Abby is very wise. Danielle above disagrees. I would say that if you can’t bring yourself to not hate something that your partner likes, then at least don’t be “hating on it”. As long as they aren’t into something bad (which everyone needs to decide for themselves), keep the negativity out and be supportive of the one you love. Abby did this (mostly) in comic 395, watching a show Mark likes but she doesn’t, when she got Mark back after Psi-Clone.

  5. Well said Paul!

  6. Geez, I just lost all respect for Mark! A Jimmy Buffett concert was the first date with the young lady who would become my wife.

    “Fins to the left! Fins to the right!”

    Abby’s right in the long run, but a first public appearance should be at something they both like.

  7. I wouldn’t say I’ve lost all of my respect for Mark, but I’m a Floridian and it’s practically a law here that you have to like Jimmy Buffett.

    I am the TippyToe Zombie
    I like to Limbo
    Often I fall on people’s heads

  8. No worries, everyone, I’m a Buffett fan myself. But finding a non-sports, non-geek, non-stereotypical reference point for her to use was harder than you’d think.

  9. This only works if Paul is willing to go to a Celine Dion concert with Zoe. <> I don’t like sports but on a torture scale, basketball isn’t as bad as that (if it had been wrestling or boxing…). I agree for their first public appearance, it should be something they both like. Otherwise, Paul’s defining their public relationship only in his terms, which is a bad precedent to set. It’s okay to have interests and hobbies that your significant other doesn’t like, but it should be established that this is something that only will be done with his buds or her girlfriends, except maybe once a year. If Paul requires Zoe to attend EVERY game with him, then…

  10. heh the way things are looking now geek references and culture are becoming more and more common ^^

    That said Abby really is wise in the relationship advice department -nod nod-

  11. So…I can relate. Yes, the Seahawks won the Superbowl. Yes, it was their first time ever winning it, I enjoyed watching the game, and it also set new records for how many people watched the game. Once the game was over, tho’, I was so ready to move on to real life, thank you. (I do respect, however, that other people do enjoy soccer/association football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and sports in general, also including, but not limited to, sports like curling. For my part, I’d rather be working on my career and expanding my as-of-yet-limited budget.)

  12. It’s tricky. You have to be respectful of your partners’ hobbies and interests, but you do not have to share them. That said, you should each be willing to make some concessions. For example, I do not care for basketball, but I have never been to a professional game. If my wife loved basketball and really wanted me to come with her, I would be willing to go to ONE game with her, and ask that we find other things we can do next time, if I turned out not to like the game.

    Similarly, I wanted her to try a particular game with me, she tried it, she hated it, and now we don’t play that game together anymore. If I insisted on her playing it with me just because I love it, that would not be fair of me. We strive to find things we both enjoy together, and we have time apart so that each of us can have time to enjoy things that only one of us loves.

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