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  1. Ooh, it’s on now… Mark looks pissed.

  2. Oooooh I am digging Mark’s cruffy man beard

  3. No, he’s not. Yes, it’s on.

  4. How … just how does an invulnerable man normally shave?

  5. Adamantium razors. And even then they’re only one use.


    It is ON! Psi-clone? You’re – this statement was removed for harsh content that may have offended some readers. And for implying activities involving a badger that are not physically possible –

  6. 65 light years in… okay, THATS fast! 😮

  7. @ Michael
    Superman used to so it by bouncing his heat-vision off a mirror. I don’t think Mark has heat-vision though…

  8. Man, he looks p*ssed. And rightfully so!

  9. I hope medics are on their way.

  10. Seeing him with stubble reminds me of Superman from the DCUO opening. If Crusader is even a tenth as angry as that Supes was, Psi-clone’s in trouble.

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