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  1. Sorry, but Mom already knows you did it. She’s just being kind to your feelings by letting it slide. Moms are that way. Don’t worry, when the truth comes out, she’ll tell it as a funny, but mildly embarrassing story.

  2. “I saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switching to flying!”

  3. i remember a comic story called “the dark night strikes again” where Superman said his “Heat Vision” power was the hardest to control…

  4. @eric bloedow: Heat vision training? Heh, and my first reaction was to picture Cyclops from the X-Men saying, “Screw you, Superman.”

  5. Mujaki: Cyke doesn’t have heat vision. They’re force beams that just happen to be visible (Actually, Supes’ heat vision is normally invisible. Huh).

  6. @k.alan mcdougall: I believe what he meant is that Superman can turn his heat vistion on and off. Cyclops’ optic blast is always on, which is why he has to wear those ruby glasses out of costume. Not that doesn’t wish that he COULD turn it off… Superman’s learning period is nothing compared to that.

  7. So, Windstar’s Dad emigrated to Earth and married an Earth girl? Interesting. (I used to roll my eyes at the number of Legion of Super-Heroes members who had powers because “everyone on *planet name* can do that”… so they had to come to Earth to be famous… and nobody else from *planet name* ever thought of it.)

  8. Mondoblasto: also remember that Cyclops’ lack of real control over his eyeblasts (which does sound wronger than it used to) is due to brain damage (as a sufferer of petit mal epilepsy due to a brain scar, I can identify).

    Say what you will, heat vision remains the, ah, cooler power…

  9. Cyclops’ eye beams turn off when he closes his eyes, and their strength varies with his mood. It’d take a lot of training, but there’s pretty good odds that it’d actually be possible for him to get that under sufficient conscious control that he wouldn’t need the glasses anymore. When it comes down to it, he really just needs to learn how to deliberately trigger the safety that keeps him from burning his eyelids off while he has his eyes open. It’d involve a rather lot of staring at a starry sky in the middle of nowhere. Oh yes, and digging up details on satelite orbits….

  10. Had to read that a few times to figure out how everyone on his dad’s planet can fly and he was the only in his family to develop powers could both be true.

  11. Actually, his powers don’t turn off when he closes his eyes. Cyclops is immune to his own powers, (he has a psionic force field that shunts the energy back to the dimension it came from) so when he closes his eyes, his beams are harmlessly shunted by the inside of his eyelids.

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