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  1. ? I love the way these two ladies are going 🙂

  2. Umm.. won’t it look weird to everyone else when a superstar/superhero drops by on an unknown, a small-business owner with whom she has no public ties? Kind of like the weirdness of having Paul at their wedding?

  3. But they do have a public tie. Amazonia did a book signing at the shop, that’s how they were able to explain away Amazonia being at the wedding. What’s funny to me is that the basketball game is supposed to be Paul and Zoe’s first public date, but at the wedding, his presence was explained as her date.

  4. Actually, Abby and Amazonia do have public ties. First, Amazonia held a book signing at Abby’s store. As Thom explained earlier, that gave the justification for her to come to Abby’s wedding, and Paul was her date. Having been to someone’s wedding is plenty of justification for starting to build personal ties. Paul wouldn’t be Mark’s best man because they couldn’t explain knowing each other at that time. But with the wedding, and Paul’s having dated Charlotte, (and don’t forget Quincy putting the garter on Zoe), they have an excuse for the whole group to “start” to get to know each other.

  5. The way Amazonia’s face lights up in the last panel… aww!

  6. I keep thinking as I’ve read this comic (from the first all the way up to this one) that Thom has done a great job providing distinct personalities for each of the main characters – which makes them seem very real and relatable even as they lead extraordinary lives in a universe full of superheros and supervillains. I had fun showing it to my son who is majoring in accounting and married a girl last summer who is blond and really into books – maybe I should start calling the two of them Paul and Abby? Hmm – he’s a college athlete – but he’s hardly on Paul’s level of ability – not that anyone really is… 😉

  7. Weddings aren’t exactly public, though; they usually are closed to the public as they are by-invitation-only ceremonies. Abby and Mark didn’t have a huge cathedral wedding with boom cameras and paparazzi cordoned off to one side. (The wedding photographer does not count as paparazzi.)

    Paul and Zoe, on the other hand, are going to a public-is-admitted event (even if they have to buy a ticket, it’s still not an invitation-only event), and the crowd will be huge, there will be sports station cameras recording the whole thing, etc, etc, etc. So it’s going to be very different.

  8. Yay! 😀

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