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  1. just started reading this comic a few weeks ago.

    that horrible moment when you finally catch up with the story.

  2. So they just crossed off replicant, clone, shapeshifter and alternate.
    They still have to go through doppelgänger, twin, paradox and maybe other things.
    What an interesting world they live in.

  3. I giggled at the goatee and gold lame thing, and had a Hercules the Legendary Journeys moment. Who remembers the alternate universe where Herc was evil? XD

  4. Even in a grim situation like this, Thom still manages to find a good punchline.

  5. I just (unexpectedly) finished with the archive. When I went to click “next” and saw that there wasn’t one, it felt like I had just run into a brick wall. I’ve fallen in love with your world and all of the characters inhabiting it. So many great story lines and moments. Thanks so much.

  6. I love this.

  7. and of course, none of this eliminates the possible identical twin.

  8. @Saeko I do~ He was loads of fun XD

  9. Over at “Henchmen for Hire” (no, I am not affiliated), the current storyline involves discovering that a superhero isn’t quite the person that everyone had thought he was. What if a hero – like Windstar for instance – had actually been a clone or robot or shapeshifter all along, and nobody knew it? I guess they would have to examine everyone who joins the Liberty League so they have a baseline on them.

  10. Saeko, that actually goes back to Star Trek The Original Series and the mirror universe. The Hercules eps were a joke reference.

  11. Man, what a morbid scene. Black humour, but still. It’s kind of sad that the guys have gotten to the point where they can make quips during Miracle Max duty…

    You couldn’t have made the coroner look like Quincy? Or the bearded guy on CSI?

  12. it does sort of eliminate the possibility of a twin. unless im horridly mistaken, twins do not have identical dna.

  13. If he doesn’t age the same as non-supers,
    then he might be a “Time-Clone” (I.E.: from the future)…?

    Put it another way, this may be an older copy of the same person,
    who has gone back in time to face his (preordained) heroic death.

  14. k.alan, they haven’t “…gottent to the point where they can make quips…”
    Those of us that have been there know you have to START there to deal with issues like this or you will not be able to function.
    Grief is a luxury that has to wait until after they have done their job. Anything that keeps you on task is useful and necessary. Some people have to make jokes. Others shut down their emotions completely and push on. You have to cope somehow to do your job. The few you can’t figure out how to ignore the elephant in the room or acknowledge it and move on simply lose it- and that helps no one.

  15. k.alan – I don’t think its really Black Humor. This is a comic book, Windstar is a hero, his name is not Uncle Ben. The chances that he’ll actually remain dead are incredibly slim. This is a reality that seems to accept that.

    Think about the classic line from the “X-Men: Dark Phoenix Rising” Parody

    Beast: “Scott, I’m so sorry, I know how much Jean mean to…”
    Cyclops: “Are you kidding me? She’ll be back before the next movie comes out.”

  16. No Star Trek remarks? And Hercules gets a shot-out? WOW! I must be in an alternate reality. Is Ben Affleck Batman or Superman?

  17. HWalsh…you say that about Uncle Ben now. There was a time when Bucky was off-limits for resurrection (then again, so was Jason Todd…never mind).

  18. Twins actually do have identical DNA. You could theoretically cross it off the list by comparing RNA, which contains errors from the DNA which will not be identical, or other elements that have been externally influenced (like scars) or are random to begin with (like fingerprints)

  19. Wait, the Crusader can see DNA with his MRV? I did not know magnetic resonance could do that…

  20. Oops, posted too soon. Also, would it not be theoretically possible for a clone to be a perfect genetic copy, no “single-bit errors”? After all, identical twins are essentially perfect genetic clones of each other.

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