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  1. Wait, Amazonia flies commando?

  2. Nah, “five years with no wardrobe malfunctions”. She’s got the basics covered… just not much else.

  3. Well that ended rather nicely =)

    Also Loin cloth is it?

  4. I believe it was more of a ‘pants instead of skirt to hide your legs’ kind of snarky comment.

  5. Jusst from the banner and this page, she definitely has a loin cloth design going. She works it nicely, I must say.
    Abbies comment was fondly snarky; you can tell by her smile (and the fact she waited to say it until Amazonia was out of hearing).

  6. Does Amazonia have super hearing, too? That would be awkward…

  7. I would be okay with it if Amazonia did not start wearing pants.

  8. Lol; Abby’s superhero pose….

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