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  1. Dude, Thom, you’re a time traveler. How’d you post the picture tomorrow?? XD

  2. way but once I think you meant

  3. Ignore my first comment – your website is set at a different time than where I am. ^_^;;

  4. Afterlife confirmed.

  5. LOL I am thinking, based on the way they are looking at him, that one time was pretty big.

  6. Reversed words: “returned that way but once”

  7. Um,, does Doc Karma HAVE to talk that way? Dr. Strange no longer does (Dr. Fate has the excuse of that damn helmet…)

  8. One drawn as Ditko-ish as Doc is bound to rip off a “Great Veil” or two once in a while.

  9. kirwar4face:–And unfortunately, she was a married! *RIMSHOT*

  10. “–And unfortunately, she was married!” –Sorry, I was in a hurry (not the first time or the last…).

  11. Once is definitely enough for that kind of thing. Once is two times too many.

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