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I'm the guy that which does Love and Capes.


  1. *groan*

  2. *giggle*

    Love how you didn’t break the fourth wall, so much as turned it briefly transparent…

  3. … You’re grounded, Thom. Go to your room.

  4. Okay, I don’t get it. Is it a pun on a movie title, a Shakespeare mis-quote, or something else I don’t have any reference points for?

  5. its a pun on this comic Love and Capes
    ohh man……

  6. Puns like that could ferment violence…;)-

  7. Oh, yeah! I totally got that! I was just messin’ with ya! Seriously!

    [pulls coat up over head, covers face, looks desperately for his lawyer’s car to hide in]

  8. I’ll drink to that!

    *raises a glass of Merlot*

    Wonder what he’s going to call the sequel?


  9. Actually, I think we got off lightly… His first choice was a fly-on-the-wall
    docu-drama about Mediterranean farmers…

    Yup… ‘Love and Capers’…

    *runs for the nearest Internet exit*


  10. Hey, look at it this way. We could’ve been seeing a film about rival restaurant owners. “Love and Crepes…”

  11. Or, a clandestine romance between the offspring of rival theater haberdasheries… “Glove and Capes.”

  12. Then there’s a romance between heirs to rival interior decorator empires…

    “Love and Drapes”

  13. Puns don’t kill people. People kill people who tell puns.

  14. Okay Al… Kill us… go ahead. But be prepared to take your… pun-ishment… 🙂


  15. Man, and I thought the “Princess Bride” reference set a dangerous precedent in terms of encouraging us… TZ should be afraid. He should be very afraid. ‘Cause I’m sure there are going to be more openings for us before he starts on the new stuff (and desperately tries to find a way to keep from encouraging stuff like this…;)-

  16. What if he WANTS to encourage stuff like this?

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