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  1. When Abby starts having cravings, have Mark include coffee-flavoured snacks?

  2. May I ask just what Mrs. Spencer is doing? I knit and crochet but she looks like she’s knitting with crochet needles.

  3. Just read Batwings of Love. It’s a terrific Brave and the Bold story, I hope they bring back the series someday and make this an episode.

  4. Tunisian Crochet I’am betting ( I laso Knit and Crochet)

  5. BTW, coffee stunted MARK’s growth? What was Mrs. Spencer hoping for???

  6. the stunting growth was sarcasm

  7. Oh for…all this watch what you eat while you’re pregnant stuff is overblown. My mom drank, smoked, and did all kinds of so-called “bad stuff” when she was having me and I turned out fine!

    twitch twitch

  8. I’ve done Tunisian Crochet. It uses a single long hook.

  9. I’m pretty sure the emphasis on “clearly” in the comment about coffee meant that was sarcasm, K. Alan. 😉

  10. Not disagreeing, NotPiffany. Perhaps Mrs. Spencer can… persuade Mark to, ah, loosen the reins–a little–in regards to the sweet elixir of life (not really a stimulant, more a “sleepiness blocker”)whose name is “Joe.”

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