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  1. Nice allusion to Silver Age Superman developing “super” as a power whenever teh plot required it.

  2. *Sigh* I used angle brackets … “developing “superrandom skill” as a power whenever the plot required it.”

  3. …her tax return from last year is … what? I think there’s a word missing in that sentence.

  4. Mark already provided an antecedent: “…The understatement of the year.” From a layman’s perspective, it sounds to me like the IRS is claiming that she stated to owe them much less than she did.

  5. @TwoCents: Maybe it’s meant as a metaphysical statement. It just is.

  6. Oh come on, Amazonia, you revealed an aspect of his secret identity without telling him?! People are going to be holding a Crusader-hunt through the accounting industry!

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