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  1. I think Jason just had the fastest shave ever. ;]

  2. Maybe it’s just a really big cleft in his chin, and it goes away when he smiles….

  3. The only solution is to fire them both.

  4. But NoRAd, that’d mean she’d actually have to do the work all by herself…

    Given their respective career paths, I don’t think Charlotte and Jason’ll unionize. Unless the look on Abby’s face is worth it (and Mark is off-planet).

  5. maybe abby has the power to make hare fall out when she glares

  6. Jason had a bunny under his lip? (DON”T MESS WITH THE SPELLING NAZI!!! (Note: I am not a Nazi)

  7. )

    Or the Grammar Nazi.

  8. I was in a hurry, Saeko. “Grammar Nazi?”

  9. @k.alan: You just play one on tv the internet?

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