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  1. He is truly evil!

  2. Are the conversation balloons right in panels 2 and 3? The Evil Brain in the male body appears to be asking and answering his own questions, and both bodies refer to each other as ‘past self’.

  3. Those balloons are correct. The girl is Evil Brain 2009. The guy is Evil Brain 2012. (current reference points).

    Brain2009 is referring to herself as “my past self” in panel two because she was contacted by Brain2012, the future self. She knows that she is the younger/past version at this point. In panel one, she is the character saying “Greetings Evil Brain from the future.”

    In retrospect, I probably should have had some dashes or elipses to indicate that she is still the one talking in panel two.

  4. I sense evil plots brewing…

  5. Nice reference to the movie “The Shadow” there. I wasn’t confused by the time talking Evil Brain, though I would have thought that Evil Brain 2012 would have remembered how he got the girls body.

  6. Perhaps memory is a fickle thing, even for Evil Brains. (?)

  7. Nah, he knows how he got it. He’s just kvetching.

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