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  1. Do you like seeing Firefly actors guest appearing on Castle?

  2. I was never a big fan of the Firefly/Serenity series. But I’m entertained by all the references in Castle to it. He dresses up as himself for Halloween. xD

  3. I do, if they’re not wasted. Adam Baldwin was a lot of fun. Gina Torres, though, was barely there. Would have liked to see a little more interaction.

  4. It would go a long way if Castle didn’t suck though.

  5. It’s great to learn that Mark is a Firefly fan. It makes up for him not being a Jimmy Buffet fan.

  6. One of those sad touchpoints in Television/ cultural history that Firefly died so soon. Love the Brownshirt reference!

  7. I’m so out of the loop. I don’t know what a ‘Browncoat’ is either, or who / what ‘Castle’ is.

    There; I’m over it.

  8. Loved the pony and rocket comment from Castle in the Valentines episode.

  9. AWESOME! 😀 I really love that reference. I really do.

  10. Was that Wash also in the women of wall street or whatever it was? Has Kaylee or Shepherd Book been on there yet?

  11. @charliespencer, Firely was a TV show by Joss Whedon (maker of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog). It was canceled partway through the first season. He managed to get a movie made, named Serenity. The main character in both is Malcom “Mal” Reynolds who used to be a rebel in a civil war. They wore brown and hence are called “browncoats” and fans of the show have taken that name as thier own.

    Castle is a new TV show with the actor who played Mal as the lead. Many of his co-stars from Firefly/Serenity have made guest appearances.

  12. Sadly, her lack of knowledge implies that Firefly was cancelled in their universe, too. =P

  13. Jim, I wish I could Like comments on here. ^_^

    And c’mon, Thom, I’m dying here… Art faster!! xD

  14. I’m seconding Jim. That’s a sad, multi-universe truth.

    That said, the Browncoat reference made me come out of the woodwork to comment. Glad to know that Mark’s one of us!

  15. One of us! One of us! Man, Jane would hate that! Kaylee would think it was sweet. Shepherd would find a Biblical reference, Zoie and Mal would shake their heads and sigh resignedly.

  16. firefly isn’t for the ncis/icu/ ntsfsdduvthxlolwtf crowd….. it actually tells a story.

  17. I wonder who played Mal in that firefly,because Castle is real in this universe

  18. Maybe Rick Castle tried his hands at show business?

  19. Castle’s books exist in the real world under his name. I’ve seen heatwave in my local library and another one, i forget which, in shoppers drugmart. The cool thing about Nathan Fillion(Castle/mal) though, is that he is Canadian and he was in Saving Private Ryan

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