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  1. Déjà vu. Re-post. Or will it change to the new comic at midnight when it officially becomes the 24th?

  2. Does this really merrit a cover story though? presumably, he was using his civilian identity when he helped them get the house and its feasible that they bonded during that.

  3. So, are we getting this comic replaced, or will #846 and #847 permanently be the same?

  4. Oh, no, a time loop!!!

  5. #846 and #847 did duplicate, mistakenly. #847 is correct, but #846 has been changed. So either go back one or check out this link: http://loveandcapes.com/lnc/?p=1112

    As far as the cover story, I figured that heroes would cover their bases. It’s not that Mark Spencer can’t know Mike Forrester, but if they get asked “How did you meet?” they need to make sure Mark and Abby have their stories straight.

  6. For those who have gone back one page and are confused why it still looks the same, you’ll need to refresh the page before the new image will load. Hold down Ctrl in the lower left-hand corner of your keyboard and while doing so press F5 (Ctrl+F5).

  7. It’s likely the basic facts will do; “keeping the cover story straight” is a two-edged sword…it looks suspicious if two persons’ memories of the same event or person are too precise. It’s tripped up more than one person in court.

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